Walking the dogs through the Botanic Gardens


My time in Santa Barbara started in the late 80s, when I attended Santa Barbara City College and worked in the Santa Barbara restaurant industry. And even though I moved to Los Angeles a few years later to pursue a music career, I had caught the bug. I knew I’d be back to this coastal city—definitely to visit, but with a dream to live here again.

Why do I love this city so much? There are hundreds of reasons, but it really comes down to this: the people; the beauty; the culture; the lifestyle. And that’s why I created this website—with over a decade in the real estate industry, I wanted to use my experience to assist people in finding a true dream location to live in.

I am dedicated to sharing the wonderful city that is Santa Barbara with as many people as we can, and help them find their dream home here, whether it’s your starter home for your family, a condo overlooking the ocean, a second home to escape the winter, or a place to kick back and enjoy your retirement.

If this site doesn’t answer all of your questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help you find all you need to decide if buying a home in Santa Barbara is right for you.