SB Newcomers

santa barbara newcomersIf you’re worried about moving to Santa Barbara and not knowing anyone, fear not. We found the 500-member Santa Barbara Newcomers Club right away, but we didn’t join for a year. Why not? Well, you’ll discover quickly after you move here that you’ll be very popular with friends and family who seem to think your new home is their personal hotel. We had two sets of guests (or more!) per week for the first six months of living here!

That, plus getting settled in Santa Barbara, takes a little time. Since the Newcomers have a membership term cap of two or three years, depending on your involvement, you should wait a few months before joining. You have 18 months from the time you move to Santa Barbara to join the Newcomers, and once you do, your schedule will be jam-packed!

On average, the Newcomers offer 60 activities per month, including get-togethers like book clubs, mah jongg, wine appreciation and happy-hour parties; access to performing arts, local heritage tours and other events; outdoor activities like kayaking, golfing, hiking and sailing; even philanthropic service to the community.

The Santa Barbara Newcomers are the longest-running club of its kind in the nation, and it’s still going strong with members of all ages, from young professionals to active retirees. They have new-member orientation meetings every month, so check out their website to find out when the next one is. You’ll soon find that you have plenty of new friends and an overactive social calendar.