Upper State Street

upper state street bungalow

Newcomers to Santa Barbara can get confused as to where things are on State Street, as it is several miles long. At the 15 or so blocks near the iconic Stearn’s Wharf, you’ll find the heart of Santa Barbara’s downtown. But north of Mission Street, you’ll start seeing residential homes on State Street, moving up past Las Positas and La Cumbre Roads, and we call this Upper State.

It’s not quite as bustling as downtown, but here it’s easier to access services like supermarkets, healthcare, restaurants, shopping malls and gas stations. Whole Foods, Vons, Gelson’s and La Cumbre Plaza are in the Upper State neighborhoods, as well as Santa Barbara’s municipal golf course. This is an area for people more accustomed to a suburban atmosphere who are not expecting everything they need to be within walking distance.